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Baby Photography Austin

Our new portrait division, Caudillo Studios, photographed two beautiful babies on Monday in the children’s homes. It is go gratifying to be able to create something as beautiful as a first portrait for a family. I know that my art will be in their home for years and years, giving their family pleasure and enjoyment. And, portraits are doubly wonderful for newborns and young babies. For parents, especially new parents, those first few months fly by. The baby changes so quickly, and you hardly get to enjoy their tiny little fingers and toes amidst the diapers and long sleepless nights. Our work gives those moms and dads the chance to enjoy how beautiful and perfect their baby is for years to come.

Monday we were blessed and honored to take portraits of a week and a half old newborn baby boy, and a precious little 4 month old baby girl. Both babies were adorable! The newborn was surprisingly alert for such a young baby. His mother and I joked about how big he was. We weren’t able to fit him comfortably into either of our new baby posing bowls. 🙁  We still got to use some of our new baby props, and the session turned out to be a huge success. I can’t wait to finish retouching the images.

The baby girl was a joy to photograph as well. She smiled so wonderfully at the begining that we looked forward to a fun and easy photography session with Mom’s helping hand. Our new baby pom pom hat looked so cute on her. And, we got to use some of our other new props as well. Her photographs are going to be wonderful.

I’ll get some images online as soon as they are ready so that you can see how amazing these babies did.


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  • Xadrian on January 9, 2015

    We need a lot more inishgts like this!

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