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Austin Photographer Trailer Crash

Well, it’s looking like we are going to have to get a new trailer. Yesterday morning our 6×10 trailer that we transport photography equipment in was hit, and when I say hit, I mean HIT by another vehicle. Luckily the trailer was attached you our Mountaineer and parked on the side of the road, so noone was in it. The driver of the other vehicle had been up all night and fell asleep at the wheel. His foot must have been really heavy on the accelerator, because our trailer was hit so hard that the entire wheel well was crushed, and the trailer was thrown up onto the curb. The trailer hitch on our Mountaineer was practically broken off in the crash. While it’s terrible to have that kind of damage to our trailer, several things made it much more easy to swallow. One, nobody was hurt. Even the guy who was in the crash had his airbag deploy, so he’s ok. And… even though he didn’t have insurance, we luckily have uninsured motorists insurance, so it looks like we will be covered… minus the $250 deductible. Of course I’m waiting on the insurance company to confirm that, but I’m hopeful. Also, we are almost finished with our proms and graduations, so we do not need the trailer for those anymore. All in all, things could have turned out much worse. 

I must put in a big plug for having uninsured motorist coverage. Even though the accident wasn’t our fault, if we hadn’t had that our deductible would have been a lot higher. Protect yourself and your equipment with insurance coverage You never know when something crazy like this can happen.


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