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Austin Photographer – The Property Brothers

When we applied last year to be on The Property Brothers renovation show, we never dreamed that we would actaully be chosen. Of course our house was perfect because it is incredibly unique, but we still figured it was a long shot. As photographers, we dreamed of having the perfect outdoor space to photograph our clients, and the potential with Property Brothers was amazing!

We were selected to have an episode and a makeover on our home. We were so excited! But, at the last minute our financing fell through, and we had to withdraw. At first we were quite devestated, but we knew that by withdrawing some other lucky family was going to get the home of their dreams. Little did we know that we might still have an opportunity to meet the Property Brothers and participate in a show.

Last week we got a call asking if we could photograph the family that they are currently filming here in Austin. Although our main focus has been event photography, we have been working on building our family portrait studio for a couple of years now. The family has newborn twin babies and a two year old, and they hadn’t had a family portrait taken of them yet. So, on Tuesday we got to take portraits in Mayfield park of the family and their beautiful children. It was a blast! We even got to meet, and work with Drew and Jonathan… THE Property Brothers! We can’t show you any photographs because the show won’t air for several months, but as soon it does we’ll be posting images for everyone on the blog. We can’t wait to see what the designer does with our portraits in their home. 🙂



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  • Gustavo on January 9, 2015

    Gregor & Marguerite – Looking at these photos was a bit like flipipng through the pages of an old family album of a long ago era. We know these people, but the effect you employed created a sense that they were captured in a different place and time. As we have yet to see our Kai(just two more months!), every new image of him is a gift. Thank you, Jeremy.

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