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Green Screen Event – Grumpy Cat

Green screen events are a lot of fun to photograph because they are all different. You never know what kind of fun or crazy background your client is going to want to use, and this event’s photography background was definitely in the crazy range https://r..ale-viagra-uk/! We were hired by a local event company here in Austin (Clink Events) to provide a Grumpy Cat type background for one of their event clients holiday parties. You wouldn’t think that a company would hold their holiday party in October, but when I heard that was what they were doing, it sounded like a really smart idea to me. After all, we photograph so many holiday parties in Austin the first two weeks of December, that we practically need the entire rest of the year just to recover. Providing a green screen portrait studio onsite at a holiday party in October sure made things easier on us. As you can probably imagine, delivering photographs onsite at events requires quite a lot of coordination, so it’s always less stressful any month other than December.

Anyway… the party was a blast! Clink decorated the event with little stuffed cats, giant balls of yarn and various cat toys. They had actors… I assume they were actors… dressed up as cats in full costume and makeup, crawling around the party. And all of the guests were given fun cat t-shirts and offered cat ears. They even let me have a set of cat ears to take home. (You never know when those will come in handy when photographing a Halloween Party down the road).

Here is one of my favorite images from this fabulous green screen event!

Thanks Clink Events for having Get The Picture out to take, and deliver, photos onsite at your party!


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