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Green Screen Photography – The Blanton Museum

Wow! Green screen events are really popular this month cialis precio! This is our second in less than a week. While Get The Picture specializes in portraits on the spot, most of the time we set up a formal portrait studio and take formal portraits of guests at fundraisers or corporate parties. This month has been a lot more fun. Maybe because it’s October, and Halloween is right around the corner. I don’t know the reason, but green screen seems to be all the rage… which is just fine with me.

This party at the Blanton Museum of Art was HOT! I can’t remember the last time I enjoyed myself this much at a green screen event… heck any kind of event, for that matter. Stacey Hoyt, the fabulous event coordinator that organized the party, did a terrific job! The decor was perfect! Halloween parties are often quite a spectacle, and this one was no exception. But what really made this party, in my humble opinion, was the music. With 15 years experience photographing events in Austin you would think I would have heard every band in the city play. And, one of the bands that played the party at The Blanton Museum, I had heard before…. That Damned Band. They have a really unique sound that’s really hard to describe. So, I’ve ┬áincluded a link to their web site with some music clips. They were perfect for the scary Halloween feel of the evening. The other band that played was my favorite. While I loved That Damned Band, I am a bit partial to brass, and I had never heard anything like the music that was played by Dead Music Capital Band. I guess they play a New Orleans style of music, and I’ve never been to New Orleans. All I know is I enjoyed every single second of their show. They were phenomenal! If you click HERE you can see a You Tube video I found with them in it. Seeing them live, and hearing their music rise up to the cathedral ceilings of The Blanton Museum was breath-taking. (The video doesn’t do justice to how they come across in person).

And… of course the photography was a blast with all these costumed guests and great music playing! We created a custom border and background for their photographs using The Blanton Museum’s B Scene: Exquisite Corpse event graphics. And everybody loved the photos! While we didn’t print photos on the spot that night, like we usually do, we did email out the images to each guest after their photos were taken. It was great to see the expressions on their faces when they realized that their images on the screen looked nothing like the green screen they had been standing in front of. I have decided that green screen is PERFECT for Halloween!

Here’s one of the photographs of the tuba player from Dead Music Capital Band. Not only did all the members of both bands play well… they were also really cool people, I and really enjoyed meeting all of them!


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