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Photo Booth vs Onsite Portrait Studio with Get The Picture

Photo booths have become very popular these days, but Get The Picture doesn’t provide typical photo booths. We set up full onsite portrait studios. The similarity of providing photos onsite at an event or wedding tends to confuse people, and even folks who have known what Get The Picture does for years tend to think of us as providing photo booths.

So, what’s the difference? Well, a photo booth in an un-manned camera and printing station of some sort. Some photo booths have actual booths that you walk or climb into, but some are open… just a camera that you sit in front of, with a background behind you, and a printer that spits out a photo strip. While Get The Picture is certainly capable of producing the photo strips onsite… characterized by funny expressions and silly poses… that’s not really what we prefer to do. Our onsite portrait studio, whether at a wedding, or any other type of formal event, is designed to produce portraits on the spot. The difference between a photo that a photo booth produces and a portrait on the spot is the professional quality of the image. While some of our events, especially green screen events, involve funny expressions and silly poses, our focus is to produce actual posed portraits. We want our portraits to look like they were taken by a professional photographer, not an un-manned camera… because they are. Our photo booth has two professionals running it… the professional photographer and the print station operator. The professional photographer sets up the studio with professional lighting. He/she then poses the guests in such a way as to make them look their best (Good posing can take off 20 poundsĀ or more). And he/she elicits pleasant and natural expressions. The guests then move on to the print station operator who shows the guest their portraits and assists them in choosing the best one. Next, he/she checks the image for color balance and exposure, before cropping and adding any custom borders to the photograph for printing. Within 20 seconds the print station operator has made the appropriate adjustments to the portrait image and has printed and handed the photograph to the guest.

While the differences between a photo booth and an onsite portrait studio may seem subtle. I assure you… the results are not. With the exception of retouching, images from Get The Picture’s onsite portrait studio’s portraits are akin to what you would receive from a professional portrait studio.


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