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Austin Photographer of the Year 2014

I am excited to announce that I was awarded Austin Photographer of the Year 2014 by the Austin Professional Photographers Association. Woo Hoo!

2014 was my first full year as a member of the Austin Professional Photographers Association, and I was so excited to be able to participate in the year long, anonymous print competition that APPA uses to select the Austin Photographer of the Year. Having my images judged on a monthly basis by other professional photographers, in an environment where the photographer’s name is not displayed with the photograph, makes being chosen an incredible honor.

I am relatively new to print competitions. The first time I entered images into an official print competition was in 2013, where two of my four photographs received merit scores. As a newbie to print comp, I didn’t realize that was an extremely good showing. The album that Charles and I entered also received a ribbon at that print competition… relatively unheard of for professional photographers who had never entered before.

So I was hooked from that very first print competition, and I began to pursue my Masters of Photography through the Professional Photographers of America. My first year at International Print Competition, three of my four images received merits… a HUGE accomplishment for a first time entry. And for 2014’s International Print Competition, all four of my images received merits… which earned me a Bronze Pin.

Doing so well in district and international print competitions gave me the courage to set myself a goal of being the Austin Photographer of the Year. And, when I saw the 2013 winner receive his trophy, I decided that was exactly what I was going to do. Bold… I know. But, if I was going to really commit to the process, then I wanted to get something more than just the trophy and the honor of Austin Photographer of the Year.  I wanted to do more than just “try” to win. I also wanted to use the process to prove to myself that I could intend to accomplish something really big, commit to the process, and follow through to it’s completion.

So, did I receive a really beautiful trophy? Yes, I did. Am I extremely proud of myself as a professional photographer for being awarded Austin Photographer of the Year 2014? Yes I am. But more than that… I set a meaningful and challenging goal for myself, and I held the belief that I could accomplish it, for an entire year. I took steps every day to attract that intended outcome, and I accomplished what seemed quite improbable. After all, even though I have 25 years experience as a professional photographer, I had less than a year’s experience with print competition.

Today I am not here to blow my own horn. I want to ask you something. What really amazing thing would YOU like to accomplish this year? What would you do with your time, energy and talent, if you knew you could not fail? What would you attract into your life or your business? Intention is incredibly powerful. As human beings, we sometimes forget just how powerful we really are. And today, I am here to tell you that YOU CAN DO IT! Whatever that desire you have hidden deep down inside of you, that you have always wanted to do… YOU CAN DO IT!

Carpe Diem! There’s no better time to get started, than right NOW!



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